Gilbert And Sullivan
Musical Midi
The fathers of the modern musical theatre. We have all the operettas and here is a selection of the songs in alphabetical order.
Gilbert And Sullivan
A Wandering Minstrel (Mikado)
Every One Is Now A Fairy (Iolanthe)
Braid The Raven Hair (Mikado)
Captain Of The Pinafore (Pinafore)
A Courtier Grave And Serious (Gondoliers)
Dance A Cachucha (Gondoliers)
Monarch Of The sea (Pinafore)
Modern Major General (Pirates)
Loudly Let The Trumpets Bray (Iolanthe)
Kiss Me Kiss Me (Princess Ida)
I Have A Song (Yeoman)
Ruler Of The Queens Navy (Pinafore)
Right Royal Regular Queen (Gondoliers)
Poor Wandering One(Mikado)
Poor Little Buttercup (Pinafore)
Never Mind The Why And Wherefore (Pinafore)
The Hours CreepOn Apace(Pinafore)
The Sun Whos Rays (Mikado)
Three Little Maids (Mikado)
Trial By Jury Finale (Trial)
When The Foeman Bares His Steel(Pirates)
We Sail The Ocean Blue(Pinafore)
With Cat Like Tread (Pirates)
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Musical Midi

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